We have decided not to have a large wedding party for a variety of reasons. Because we are getting married in a Greek Orthodox Church, we need a Koumbaro which is often the best man as well. The Koumbaro(a) is the official sponsor for the wedding which means that they have to be a Greek Orthodox Christian in good standing. Tradition also states that the godparents of the groom and then the bride should be asked first. However, people often depart from tradition to select a close friend or sibling. In our case, my fiance chose his brother and I chose my best friend, as my maid of honour. His sister will also be my bridesmaid, but because she lives far away I proposed to her over the phone.

Katelyn has been my best friend for 9+ years and her daughter who is now 7 seemed like the perfect pair to fill this role.

I wanted to make my proposals to them special, not only because they likely suspected to fill these roles, but because I wanted to show them how special they are to me and who doesn’t love surprises?

Here is how I ‘popped’ the question to them


Paper & scissors or paper-slicer

From the Dollar Store

2 Balloons
Pearl stickers
Heart confetti
Hair flower
Tissue paper
Gold safety pin

From Home Goods

2 Pretty boxes
Notepad/to-do list

From Disney Store Outlet

Rapunzel jewellery

How to

Step One

I took some nice paper I had laying around the house and sliced it in to two thin strips. On these strips I wrote out the question that I wanted to ask them (please excuse my poor writing skills):

Step Two

I rolled up the paper and secured it with a pearl sticker. I then took a balloon, filled it with confetti and one of the notes and set it aside. I did this again for the second note.

Step Three

I blew up the balloons to somewhat fit in the boxes. The lids wouldn’t fit for me so I improvised by putting one underneath and the other on the side. I then wrote their names on the balloons with the pearl stickers. This was easy because the pearl stickers were stuck together by row, yet easy to split apart.

Step Four

I cut a couple more pieces of paper into small squares and wrote “Pop me” on them and taped a gold safety pin to the piece of paper.

Step Five

For the flower girl box, I put the jewellery on the bottom, followed by tissue paper and finished it off with the balloon on top. The hair flower I clipped onto the bottom of the balloon and placed the ‘pop me’ sign on it. (I don’t recommend doing this for a flower girl who is really young.)

Step Six

For the Maid of Honour box, I put tissue paper, followed by the balloon and placed the notepad/to-do list beside it. I then inserted the ‘pop me’ into the notepad so it stuck out. To finish it up I wrote her a nice note about why I chose her and a couple points on role expectation, like holding my dress while I pee, and standing next to me while I get married.


Final Notes

Katelyn’s balloon was inflated a lot less than Beth’s. When they popped them, Katelyn’s stayed contained within her box. Beth’s however exploded everywhere, which was a lot of fun with the confetti, but there was a bit of clean up.