…Kristina, with a K! Welcome to my page. I am excited and intimidated to be here, but I am looking forward to sharing my creativity, passions, and life experiences with you.

To start this off let’s talk about Halloween…

Halloween was 4 days ago and I still feel like I have a Halloween hangover. Not the kind you get from alcohol, but the kind you get from finishing a really good book. It is my favourite holiday and I try to go all out for it. I decorate the entire house, inside and out, and for the last three years I’ve been hosting a party. This year my main focus was on a cake I made. I was inspired by Christine Mcconnell’s Deceptive Desserts book. Her cake looked very handsome, while mine turned out to be a bit on the doofy side. We named him Willy, and he was loveable and delicious.

Meet Willy: