This is the first wedding I’m planning, so I’m fairly new to this. I have however, planned many events so I am more excited than worried. There are countless guides out there to help and I definitely recommend checking them out. Specifically a timeline one by which is online and easy to use once you sign up with them. Martha Stewart Weddings also has a good workbook.

But the real question is:

Where do I start?

You got engaged, you’re excited and you want your dream wedding (YES!). In my case, I have a year to plan our wedding and I will be posting my steps as I plan.

I recommend starting with three things and not necessarily in this order because they all affect each other:


Once you have you have all of these, setting a theme, compiling a guest list and picking a venue comes next… I am currently working on my guest list and I have to say it is my least favourite part. I would even go so far to call it a nightmare… More about it in my next post.