Christmas baking is a fun way to get the family together to bake and decorate delicious cookies or to make homemade gifts for friends to enjoy.

I personally love to bake and at Christmas I use it as a time to destress and share my baking talents with my friends and family.

My favourite cookies are those rich in spices that are filled with an abundance of flavour. I am half Austrian so a lot of my cookies have an Austrian flair to them. I usually take a couple days to bake them all and have a good friend of mine help me the second day.

I generally make around nine different types of cookies. This year I only made six.

Here are the recipes for a few my favourite cookies! They are simple to make and most of the doughs can be made ahead of time because they need to rest a few hours in the fridge before forming and baking.

Gingerbread Cookies

German Pepper Nut Cookies

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies